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Nanofilm is an industry leader, providing consistent high quality thin-film coatings with superior adhesion. Nanofilm's coatings operate from the visible through the infrared spectral wavelengths. Custom coatings can also be applied to meet customer specifications.

Introduction to Nanofilm

Nanofilm is committed to providing consistently, superior quality, thin film coatings. Working closely with our customers to develop coatings to meet the needs of ever-changing technologies, sharing information, and knowledge in order to produce better, more effective products.
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Thin Film Coatings

Nanofilm's standard thin film coatings are available in the most popular requirements of thickness, density, and reflectivity. Special coatings are also available to meet our customer's special needs.

Shipping, Storage, and Handling Products

Nanofilm's shipping, storage, and handling products are designed to allow secure and safe handling of your photoplates.

Special Services

Large format photoplates, custom shipping and storage boxes, and photoresist application are some of the special services provided by Nanofilm.